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This is my entry for 20inspirations. I used only words as an inspiration because working on the colors was already such a pain for me I didn't try t work with the textures provided. Sorry. As always, I also took my inspiraiton from the icons of the challenge entry here.

This month, we had to do 20 fandoms in a rainbow so you'll find 20 different fandoms in rainbow colors. As you see, yellow, orange and red aren't my colors at all.

close up - puncture | mystery - divergent | borders - prisoners | vertical - startrek reboot | vibrant - v for vendetta

three - equilibrium | gun - end of watch | favorite character - catching fire | clean - the place beyond the pines | duplicate - lawless

negative space - the rover | hair - rush | love - the disappearance of eleanor rigby | shocking - snowpiercer | friendship - short term 12

scenery - hitchcock | hands - strike back | multiple - pacific rim | fake background - guardians of the galaxy | layers - ides of march

Don't hotlink - don't credit as your own - credit
textless icons are not bases - comments, concrit & tutorial requests are loved
Tags: catching fire, divergent, end of watch, equilibrium, guardians of the galaxy, hitchcock, lawless, pacific rim, prisoners, puncture, rush, short term 12, startrek, stike back, the disappearance of eleanor rigby, the ides of march, the place beyond the pines, the rover, v for vendetta
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